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New update Clash Royale 29 february

Update 29.02.2016

A serious update of Clash Royale, preparing the game for a global launch throughout the world, came out. Let us consider all the changes which the update presented to us!

The complete list of changes in version 1.2.0

Six new cards are added:

  • New usual card: Royal giant
  • New rare card: Three musketeers
  • New rare card: Three musketeers
  • New spell of poison. New spell of poison.
  • New type of card: the legendary one. The biggest chance is dropouts of this card from the magic coffer, but the developers report, of the free coffers, it can be dropped out as well.

The new arena, the coffers, and other things:

  • The new arena: the builder's workshop
  • New coffers: The huge and a super-magic coffer
  • Cell deck: keep several combat blocks. Very convenient function! Now you can use several battle strategies simultaneously and for each one there will be its block. One does not need to replace warriors every time. 

The balance and the rest of the novelties

  • The balance and the rest of the novelties
  • Balance of cards is improved
  • Control of the replay: show/hide elements of repeat reproduction having pushed the screen
  • Training camp: opponents with a result of up to 3500 trophies
  • (IOS) 3D Touch: it gives quick information about the card
  • Area of damage
  • Localization: 14 new languages in the game (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, traditional Chinese language, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic).


Video: tactics and reviews

We offer you to look at a few spots. You can see it looks like the gameplay and the designed control.

On our website there is a special section with videos of Clash Royale.